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Best Way to Bake Catfish Fillets Using Foil and Oven at Home

If you looking for the best way to bake catfish fillets then you might want to search for a few recipe we have here. Catfish is very delicious food fish, and you will get a lot of nutrition when consuming this food fish. Furthermore the catfish fillet also very versatile, thus you can create many kinds of dishes using this food fish. One of the method that you can use to make dish using catfish as ingredient is by baking the fillet. This method is easy and healthy thus you will get all the nutrition that you need from this food fish. Now let us learn the method.
Best Way to Bake Catfish Fillets Using Foil
-          Couscous whole wheat 1 cup
-          Olive oil extra virgin 2 tbsp
-          Paprika smoked ¾ tsp
-          Salt
-          Ground pepper
-          Catfish fillets 4 to 6 ounce
-          1 lemon, sliced thin
-          1 lemon, juiced
-          Fresh parsley 1/3 cup, chopped
-          Red onion medium sliced thin
-          Cherry tomato 1 cup, cut in half
-          Garlic 2 cloves, chopped finely
-          Water 2/3 cup
Cooking direction:
1.      The best way to bake catfish fillets can be started by preheating your oven on 425 degree Fahrenheit.
2.      Take a baking sheet and put 2 of a half foot aluminum foil on top of the baking sheet to cover it. Put one aluminum foil in perpendicular direction on the top of the previous foil.
3.      Put the couscous on sieve that has fine mesh to prevent it from dropping, and then rinse it using cold water. Set aside.
4.      Take a small bowl, put inside some of the ingredient such as ¾ tsp salt, olive oil, ¾ tsp pepper and then mix it well.
5.      Put the couscous on the aluminum foil and gather it in the center of the foil. Add half tbsp of the olive oil mix then mix and spread the couscous to make around eight inches square space on the aluminum foil.
6.      Then the best way to bake catfish fillets will continue by taking the catfish fillets and apply the olive oil mix using spoon or brush on all sides of the fillet. Put the catfish fillets on top of the couscous on the aluminum foil.
7.      Add the other ingredient on top of the catfish fillets such as the parsley, cherry tomato, red onion, garlic, and lemon slice. Pour the rest of the olive oil mix over the ingredient. Scatter the ingredient all over the couscous and catfish fillets evenly then drizzle the water around.
8.      Take both ends of the aluminum foil, put together, fold and crimp it close so you will create a pocket like pack.
9.      Put the baking sheet along with the aluminum foil pack inside the oven then bake it for around 25 minutes.
10.  To end this best way to bake catfish fillets you need to take the baking sheet out from the oven, open the aluminum foil then take the catfish fillets out of it. Put the catfish fillets on separated plate. Divide the vegetable and couscous on each plate, then sprinkle each of the catfish fillet with the lemon juice.
11.  Finish and serve
As you can see, it is quite easy to cook the catfish fillets by baking it. You can double or triple the recipe if you want to bake more fillets by using this recipe. This food fish is actually rich in protein which will be a good alternative if you looking for a healthier way to fulfill your daily protein need.
Furthermore by learning about the best way to bake catfish fillets then you will be able to cook the food fish using healthier method which will not any unwanted content to the fish. You can even eat this food fish around twice every week so it is really a good food fish to have. This catfish fillet also low in fat content and has low calories thus you will be able to keep with your low fat and low calories diet when you eat this dish. Of course, you may want to learn more method that you can use to cook these catfish fillets which we will discuss another time.

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