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Catfish Supplier Jakarta Sending Product for Supermarket Owner

For you who has supermarket, you might want to get some product from catfish supplier Jakarta area. Every supermarket surely wants to have more customers that go shopping in their store. But of course, in order to get more customers to go shopping in your supermarket, you should make sure that you have all products that the customers want to buy. One product that your customer will like is catfish product which you should have in your supermarket if you want them to come and purchase the product there. This is the reason why you should have supplier from Jakarta area to send the catfish for your supermarket.

Try to Learn more about Catfish Supplier Jakarta Product
Of course, you would also want to ensure that the catfish supplier Jakarta gives the best product for your supermarket. If that is the case, then you might want to know how this supplier creates their product before being sent into your supermarket. You should know that in Indonesia especially in Jakarta, there are many fish farms which grow catfish in their farm. That is why supplier from Jakarta can easily get product from the fish farm to be processed further in the factory to make the product from them.
Furthermore catfish supplier Jakarta already has their own catfish farm so they can grow their own fish to maintain the quality of their product. This is why; they use special breeding fish to lay eggs inside special container to protect the eggs from predators. This special breeding fish can lay thousands of eggs within a year which will then be growing on the fish farm. To grow the egg, they will be taken from the container into special hatchery which used to hatch the eggs inside this area.
The hatch eggs will turn into small sac fry fishes which will then still stay inside this hatchery container for a few time until they grow a little into small size fingerling. Afterwards the fingerling will be transfer into bigger fish pond so they can grow even bigger inside the pond which is around five inches until seven inches in size. In this pond, the worker will give feeder which will float above the water so the fish can swim above to eat it. This feeder is made especially so the fish meat will have special flavor that many people will like.
The fish will grow inside the pond for around one year or two until the weight can increase to be around one or two pounds. This is the weight that the catfish supplier Jakarta wants for their fish to be, thus they can be harvest after the weight is reached. The harvesting process itself will use seines around the pond so the catfish will be gathered around in one position. Afterwards they can easily be take using crane and net from inside the pond to be harvest and use in the production process later on. They will send truck with big tank on its back to store the fish which harvested from the pond; this truck will be the one that send the harvested fish into the factory location.
In the catfish supplier Jakarta factory, the harvest will be weight so the factory can know how much they can get per harvest from each pond. Now it is the time to clean the catfish which will be done by the factory worker so the catfish meat will be cleaned completely. This clean meat is the one that will be use to create catfish product you will send on your supermarket. But first the meat will need to be cut into specific sizing and weight thus creating the product for your supermarket.
The catfish meat will then be frozen to maintain the freshness and the quality of the meat while being delivered into your supermarket. The frozen catfish product will then be put into special box to protect the meat from being crushed along the way. These boxes will then be sending to your supermarket so you can sell it to your customer. By using those procedures, the catfish supplier Jakarta is able to create high quality product for your customer. When you can get high quality product then you can rest assure when selling the catfish product in your supermarket.

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