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Our Service

Premium A+ Quality

Get Premium Catfish, Sardine, Tuna, Milkfish, etc. We always keep the Fish Fresh.

Short Lead Time

We Plan Our Client order and produce it before the due date.

Great Packing

We provide great packing and material control to keep the Fish Fresh

Long Term Relationship

We will help any problem from Our Client and keep in touch with Our Client.

Serive 24 Hours

We will answer all of your Question as soon as possible.

Other Service

Free Consultation for your Offer and regulation wit Our Proffesional Team

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Offer

    We will make any offer for your Order

  • 2. Negotiation

    We will make Negotiation with you to get best offer

  • 3. Final Offer and DP

    Final Offer after Negotiation and Discussion.

  • 4. Production and shipping

    We will Produce your product after make Final Offer. After production we will Ship to your Country

    Update Information

    Get Update Information About Indonesia Catfish.

    Catfish Fish Indonesia

    Ready to supply High Quality Catfish, Tuna Fish, Sardine, etc.
    CatFish Supplier
    Catfish Factory

    We are Ready Supply High Quality Catfish from Indonesia. Get It now from Factory Read More

    Catfish Fillet
    Fillet Catfish Product

    Get Fillet Catfish from Our Fish Factory, Read More

    Other Product
    Another Fish we Supply

    We also have Tuna, Cat fish, Milkfish and Mackerel. Read More


    About Us


    We are Catfish, Tuna, Sardine, Mackerel, and Milkfish Suppliers in Indonesia. Ready to provide affordable price with the best quality. Contact us for reservations and Offer

    : Java, Indonesia


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