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Best Way to Grill Catfish Fillets as Lunch Menu

You might want to know the best way to grill catfish fillets if you want to eat this food fish for your lunch. Many people are turning to eat more food fish since they want to get the benefits from this food. Furthermore many people already know that they can get more benefits and fewer disadvantages when consuming food fish. That is why you might also want to eat more food fish, not only for your dinner but also for your lunch. Especially since food fish is very delicious thus your lunch can become tastier when you use fish as the ingredient.
Best Way to Grill Catfish Fillets
One of the food fish that you might want to eat is the catfish since this food fish has plenty of nutrients from protein to omega 3 which is very important for your body and health. Furthermore this food fish also very easy to be used as ingredient of many kinds of dishes that you like to eat during lunch. And if you like grilled food for your lunch then you might want to learn about the best way to grill catfish fillets. By grilling this food fish then you will be able to get the benefits that you want from the catfish fillets without having to get bad content from the making process. Now let us learn about the recipe that you can use to grill this food fish fillet.
Black Grill Catfish Fillet Using Mustard Butter

-          Unsalted butter 6 tbsp
-          Creole mustard 1 tbsp
-          Paprika 2 tsp
-          Cayenne pepper 1 tsp
-          Salt 1 tsp and a few sprinkle used to season the unsalted butter
-          Thyme leaves dried 1tsp
-          Black pepper ½ tsp
-          Granulated sugar ½ tsp
-          Catfish fillets 4 pcs around 4 to 6 ounce each
-          Vegetable oil used to oil the grill
-          A lemon medium cut to 8 wedges

Cooking direction:
1.      To start the best way to grill catfish fillets, you need to take a medium size bowl then put half of the butter inside. Use spatula to mash the butter until it can be spread. Add the mustard then sprinkle with salt to season it then stir all to mix it.
2.      Insert the mustard mixture to plastic wrapper then roll it to the log shape then twist the plastic end to close it.
3.      Put inside refrigerator for minimum half an hour so it can become hard. Then you can use the time to make the catfish fillet.
4.      Take a small bowl, and then put inside some of the seasoning such as paprika, salt, cayenne pepper, sugar, and black pepper. Mix the seasoning then set aside.
5.      Next step on the best way to grill catfish fillets is to take the other half of butter and melt it, then put it in a small bowl.
6.      Take the catfish fillet then use brush to coat the surface with melted butter. Do it to both sides of the catfish fillet. Take some of the seasoning mixture then rub it on the catfish fillet surface then pat it gently so the seasoning mixture will adheres. Do this to both sides of the catfish fillet.
7.      Heat your grill pan or you can also use outdoor grille then heat it into medium heat which is around 375 degree Fahrenheit until around 425 degree Fahrenheit.
8.      Put the vegetable oil in a bowl then dip towel into the oil to absorb.
9.      After the grille ready then you can rub its grates using towel to coat it.
10.  Put the fillet on top of the grille then cook the catfish fillet until there is grill mark on the surface. Let the catfish fillet cooked undisturbed for around 3 until 4 minutes long. Afterwards you can flip the catfish fillet using the spatula, and then cook it again for around 3 until 4 minutes long.
11.  Put the cooked catfish fillet on the plate then cut a small around half inches thickness of the mustard mixture log then put it on top of the catfish fillet. Add the lemon wedges then serve as soon as possible.
Those are the best way to grill catfish fillets that you can use to cook your lunch.

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