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Indonesia Carrageenan Factory Best Production Method

For you who owned a meat product factory, and then you might want to be in touch with Indonesia carrageenan factory to supply you with their product. You might already know that some meat product also uses carrageenan in the ingredient list. So if you one of the factory that creates your meat product using this substance as the food additive then you need to find a factory which able to give great quality carrageenan for you to use. A lot of business owners already know that in Indonesia there are some factories that able to create the best carrageenan product. Thus you surely want to be able to be in touch with one of those factories.

Best Indonesia carrageenan factory production
This carrageenan substance itself is used by many factories because of their capability which able to thicken, stabilize, and gelling other things which well mixed with it. This capability can happen because this substance has extraordinary properties which make it able to bind itself with protein inside other things which well mixed with it. That is why, the Indonesia carrageenan factory might suggest to you to mix this substance with the meat product that you create in your factory.
You already know that the meat ingredient you use contains a lot of protein as one of the nutrient inside. That is why carrageenan can easily bind well with the meat product that you create in your factory. Furthermore, by using this substance with the meat product, then your product will still be thick enough even though when it does not contain too much protein inside. You can see that the meat product you create in your factory will still have similar texture and appearance as other meat product which does not use carrageenan as the ingredient.
Another reason why many meat products is using this carrageenan substance as addition on the ingredient list is because the factory can make their product even with less ingredient but still does not sacrifice the quality. Thus by doing this method the factory is able to sell their product in cheaper rate, surely more people are now able to purchase that meat product which in time will also mean that the factory received more profit using this method. So if you want to use this method, then you will want to contact the Indonesia carrageenan factory soon.
But before you contact them, then you might want to know how this factory create the carrageenan substance itself. Most people do not even know that this substance is actually taken from red seaweed species. Thus to get enough of this material to make the carrageenan substance, then the Indonesia carrageenan factory also need to create a seaweed farm in the sea which may located far from their factory location.
The red seaweed is grows on nylon material string which attached to floating stick made from bamboo material. The nylon itself usually is in 2 meter depth, thus it will be enough length for the seaweed to grow until it has 1 kg weight. Usually it takes around 3 months for the seaweed ready to be harvest. Then it still needs to be dried and send into the factory to be process further in carrageenan creation.
Inside Indonesia carrageenan factory then the seaweed will be ground when received. Then sifting and washing is done since they want the seaweed to be as clean as possible before the next process. Then the next process is actually soaking this seaweed using alkali solution which able to trigger the carrageenan formation as well as making its ability stronger. Next is to increase this mixture temperature for the carrageenan to form which also accompanied with cellulose.
Do not worry since the cellulose can easily be removed using mechanical process so only the carrageenan is left inside the solution. Then evaporation is the next process which able to create solid form of carrageenan. Of course the factory still need to grind that solid form to create more powder forms which easier to use by other factory as your meat factory.
Those are the process used by Indonesia carrageenan factory when they create their product. When you receive that product, now you already know the procedure that the factory needs to do in creating it.

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