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Catfish Supplier for Grocery Store Product

If you own a grocery store, you surely need to contact catfish supplier to be your store supplier. Catfish is actually very delicious fish food, which is why many people try to have this fish and make many kinds of dish using it. That is why you can see, many people purchasing it at the grocery store. And if you want them to come to your grocery store, then you might want to sell it too. Of course, you need to have supplier that give you the catfish product to be sold at your grocery store. This is why you will need to be in contact with the supplier so you can get catfish product for your grocery store.

Grocery Store with Catfish Supplier Product
But before you get the product from catfish supplier, you surely want to know how they create their product. This is important so you will know the quality of the catfish product that they sell you. Thus let us see how this supplier works, by seeing the process in their factory. However, first area that we should visit is the catfish farm where they grow the fish. First of all, a brood stock used for the breeding will produce around three thousands to four thousands of eggs each year. They will lay the eggs inside special box used to lay the eggs inside. 
Afterwards the catfish supplier worker will then take the eggs into the hatchery where the eggs will hatch to be sac fry. The small sac fry will stay inside this hatchery until they grow into fingerling. In this stage, then the fish will be move into growing pond where they will be growing until around five to seven inches size long. During the growing process, the fish will be feed with floating feeding which will make their meat have delicious taste that you like.
The growing process will take around eighteen to twenty four months until the fish grow fully and have weight around 1.5 until 2.5 pounds. When the time comes, the pond will experience some test for the flavor to know the quality of the fish. Then it is time to harvest the catfish using large size seines so the catfish will gather around in one spot. Then worker will take the catfish from the pond using crane and net then put it in a tank on the back of the truck used to transport the catfish to the factory area.
Once the catfish arrived in the catfish supplier factory area, and then it will be put in a large basket which also acts like a scale which used to determine the weight of the catfishes brought to the factory area. Afterwards the catfish will enter an automatic grader machine which will separate each fish based on their weight and sizes. Afterwards, the catfish will be taken to the next line to be cleaned from its skin, tail, head, gut, gill, and bones until only the meat is available to make the product.
Then the catfish supplier worker will take the meat into appropriate production line to create many kinds of product that the factory produces. In each of those production lines, the meat will be cut based on each product specification on its weight and size. Usually the factory already has their own product specification, thus the worker only need to follow its instruction.
Lastly, the product will be packed in different kind of packaging. If the supplier only needs to send their product to close location, then it will be stored inside a box with ice to chill the product before being sold to the customer. But if the supplier needs to send their product to far location then it will be completely frozen before putting it inside a box for delivery. With frozen condition, then the fish can easily be transport using chiller truck to the customer location.
That is the condition of catfish that you will receive in your grocery store warehouse. Then you can store it in your grocery store chiller before being sold in your grocery store. Those are the process that the catfish supplier does to create their product. Now you can be sure and contact the supplier to give you the catfish that you can sell at grocery store.

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