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Catfish Food Source with Best Nutrition for Growth and Health

Actually there are many kinds of catfish food source that you can use to feed them if you plan to have catfish farm. Furthermore catfish itself is actually adaptable eater, since they can find their food on the bottom of the lake or even on the surface. Some of the catfish is even omnivore which means they can eat animals or even plant. Thus you actually should not worry since you can feed the catfish with almost anything. Still if you plan to raise the catfish in the farm, then you should think about their food source carefully.

Best Nutrition on Catfish Food Source Determine Growth and HealthYou should know that if the catfish is raised in your farm that means they cannot get any other food. Thus the food that you give them is the only food source that they can have. So you should really ensure that the food you give them is able to give them enough nutrition for them to grow inside your farm. Especially, since there are many kinds of nutrition that the catfish need while they growing and to maintain their health. Thus the ingredient that you use on their food source should be able to give them all of that nutrition.
There are some kinds of nutrition that has to available inside the catfish food source since they are considered as the main nutrition needed by the fish.
1.      Protein
This nutrition is used by the catfish to build their body and repair damage tissue. Inside this nutrition there are enzymes and hormones which important for the catfish health and growth.
2.      Energy
This nutrition will provide energy inside the catfish food source for the catfish to live.
3.      Vitamin mineral
This nutrition is needed by the catfish while they grow since it will affect the health and most process done inside the fish body.
4.      Fat
Essential acid needed by the catfish can be provided by this nutrition, it also helps with the energy delivery inside the fish body.
Those are all the nutrition that you should ensure to be available in the food source you give to the catfish inside your farm. And to be able to give that nutrition, then you should try to choose the right ingredient to create the catfish food source. Here are some of the common ingredient that many farmer used to create the food source they will give to the catfish inside their farm:
1.      Rice bran
This ingredient comes from the same rice plant that human eat, thus it is already know that the plant even the bran layer has many kinds of nutrient which also needed by the catfish. But still, it has a lot of fat content, thus you should manage the usage carefully for not overuse it.
2.      Cotton seed meal
This meal also has high protein nutrition, however it is lacking in lysine nutrition, and this is why you should limit the usage of this meal.
3.      Fish meal
This ingredient is made from fish, thus it has all the protein which is suitable for the catfish to digest. This is why many catfish food source even the commercial one used this ingredient as their main nutrition source. You can try to create the meal yourself by cooking and drying the fish.
4.      Maize
This ingredient has high energy nutrient, and can be cook thus the catfish can digest it easier.
5.      Soya bean meal
Even though this meal is different from the soya bean you usually eat, but it still have high protein nutrition that the catfish need. Furthermore the protein nutrition content inside this meal is around forty percent, thus many farmers are using this meal as the protein inside their catfish food source. Many kinds of essential acid are also available inside the meal that has the taste that the catfish like.
6.      Groundnut cake
This ingredient has high protein nutrient but high in fat thus you can use but still in limited quantity.
Once you get the right formulation to create the best catfish food source for the catfish inside your farm, then surely it is able to give correct amount of nutrition that the fish needed. Of course you still need to think about the detail more carefully to create this catfish food.

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