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Catfish Lele Ingredient to Make Indonesian Pecel Lele Restaurant Menu

Catfish lele fish is the name that Indonesian gives to this food fish but actually it is still the same fish that you know. Lele is the word used by the Indonesian calls to call the catfish. The Indonesian also like to create catfish dish called as pecel lele which not only available in a restaurant but instead they are available in tent café as street food. And many Indonesian loves to eat this street food since the catfish itself is very delicious. They will serve the catfish with sambal which is special made raw chili sauce and lalapan which is many kinds of vegetable used as side dish as well as white rice.

Indonesian Pecel Lele Restaurant Menu Using Catfish Lele Ingredient
If you are interested, you may also want to create a pecel lele restaurant even though you do not serve it as street food. Instead you can serve it inside your restaurant. To create this dish you will need to have catfish whole round product as the ingredient. Then you can try deep fry the lele fish whole round product to make the main dish. For the sambal you can purchase it from any Indonesian supermarket near your location. For the lalapan you can use many kinds of fresh vegetable such as lettuce, cabbage, and basil. Then do not forget to serve the dish with white rice to eat it which you can also purchase on the Indonesian supermarket near your location.
Even though you can use any kinds of catfish as the ingredient, but you should make sure that you use the best catfish lele fish product. Especially when you want to sell the thus you surely want to create the best pecel lele dish for your restaurant menu. That is why you might want to use the best supplier to give you the product. You can use supplier from Indonesia to get the authentic lele fish product.  Or you can also try to use any kinds of catfish that you can find in any fishmonger store near your location. Nevertheless you should ensure that the supplier which creates the product is indeed creating the product with the best way possible.
To create the best catfish lele product the supplier should owned a fish farm inside their factory. This is important since by owning a fish farm, meaning that they can grow the lele fish themselves. Furthermore they should also use special lele breeding fish which will give the lele eggs for them. Then this egg can be hatched inside the lele hatchery which specially made for the sac fry which comes out from the egg. From sac fry then it will grow to be fingerling which is a smaller form of lele fish.
To grow the fingerling to become the lele fish, then the fingerling will be move into lele pond. The lele pond usually has large size since catfish lele fish itself also have large size which is around seven inches in size. But then again, it will need around two years time for the lele fish to grow that big, thus the supplier need to wait before they can harvest it. When the harvest time has arrived, then the lele fish will be taken into the factory to create the product which you can use on your pecel lele restaurant.
Inside the catfish lele supplier factory, the lele fish will be cleaned, however since you want to get lele fish whole round product, then they cannot clean the skin. They will clean the gut and other unwanted parts without ruining the lele fish shape. Then the product is ready for packaging. You can ask the supplier to pack the lele fish in bulk or inside individual packaging with special weight. Then the lele fish will be freeze using ultra low temperature which able to preserve the whole lele fish completely. Now this is the lele fish product that the supplier will send to your pecel lele restaurant.
When you receive the lele fish product, you can try to defrost it before using it as pecel lele ingredient since the product is frozen product. Afterwards you can see that the catfish lele the supplier gives to you is truly the best product which you can sell to your customer in the pecel lele restaurant.

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