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Best Catfish Feed with High Nutrition for Growth

Catfish feed is needed especially by factory or supplier who has their own catfish farm so it can be given to the fish. If you one of the factory or supplier owner, then you should know more information about the feed that you will give to your catfish in the farm. Especially since catfish in the farm cannot earn their feed naturally because their growing place is limited by boundaries. Thus special made feed is needed so the catfish can get all of the nutrition that they need to grow. This is the reason why it is important for you to consider the feed that you give to your catfish in the farm carefully.

What is the best Catfish feed for growth?
Catfish feed formulation is important factor that you should consider since it will highly effect the catfish weight and growth. You should think of a formulation that is effective for the catfish growth, such as their weight, protein content and low fat content. Furthermore the cost for this feed actually over half of the production cost needed to farm the catfish. Thus you should choose the feed carefully to not waste your production cost and gain maximum profits from it.
There are many things that you should consider on the catfish feed formulation, so you would get the best formulation for your farm. First is the nutrition that your catfish needed, and there should be no anti nutritional content in the feed. Of course the availability of the ingredient use to make the feed is also important as well as how much the ingredient will cost you since you need to gain some benefits from it. You should also think about how to make the feed and whether there is enough technology needed to create it. Last you should ensure that the catfish find the feed appetizing so they will eat it.
Among many things that you should consider when creating the feed, the most important thing that you should get is the catfish feed ingredient. The ingredient should be able to give suitable nutrition that you want for the catfish and it should be available in your local area. Although many ingredients can be use, usually there are several ingredients that most catfish farmer uses, such as:
1.      Rice bran
As the bran layer of rice, this ingredient has high fat content, thus you should be careful when using it.
2.      Fish meal
This meal is actually considered as the main ingredient on the catfish feed as it is very compatible to the fish required nutrition. That is why the feed usually contain around seventy percent of this ingredient in its composition. You can make this ingredient yourself by cooking some fish, roll and press it to eliminate the oil and water content, then you can dry it to complete.
3.      Soyabean meal
This meal is different than one which is consumed by human, but it still have high protein content that the catfish need in their feed. It also contains high essential nutrition that the catfish need, plus it is also palatable.
4.      Cottonseed meal
This ingredient can be use to replace at least half of the soyabean meal since it is also have high protein content. However, it has lower lysine content.
5.      Maize
Another main ingredient of the catfish feed which will give great amount of energy to the fish. That is why the feed usually contain around thirty percent of this ingredient in its composition. Furthermore during the making process of the feed, this ingredient can be cook thus it will make the catfish digest this ingredient better.
6.      Groundnut cake
Another high protein ingredient, it can be use to replace a few percentage of the soyabean meal. However since this ingredient also have high fat content, you should not use more than twenty percent of this ingredient in the feed composition.
You can also add other ingredients on the feed if you want such as vitamin, wheat offal, and even growth booster. The production of this feed can be done by extrusion process or pelleting process, one of which you consider to be more suitable production method. The catfish feed made using those production processes will be different thus you should really consider which production method is the best for you.

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