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Making the Best Catfish Feed Composition with Suitable Ingredient

You should carefully think about the catfish feed composition if you want the fish to grow well inside your farm. Furthermore the catfish feed cost even larger than half of the cost on production used by your farm. This is why, you should make sure that the feed composition that you use is able to effectively aid the catfish so it can grow well and you do can get more profits from it. Especially since the catfish only able to get their nutrition from the feed that you give to them. So you should make sure that the feed composition is enough to give all of the nutrition needed by the catfish.
How to Create the Best Catfish Feed Composition

To be able to create the best catfish feed composition, then you should carefully think about many things. Here are some of those things that you should carefully think in order to create suitable feed composition for the catfish you grow in your farm:
1.      Nutrition content
As you know nutrition is important factor for the catfish growth inside your farm. This is the reason why you should learn all information about the nutrition content on each ingredient used in the catfish feed. You should also know that the catfish will need different nutrition content on their feed for each of their life stages. Actually you can also estimate the nutrition which the catfish will get from their feed by analyzing the fat, energy and protein content in the feed.
2.      Toxic threat
Not only about the catfish feed composition, you should also be very careful when it comes to the ingredient that you will use on the catfish feed. That is because there are some ingredients that have toxic content which become the threat in the catfish life. If that is the case, then it is better not to use the ingredient even though it might also have some nutrition that the catfish needed. The example is GNC ingredient which will increase the growing percentage of aflatoxin inside the catfish feed. This aflatoxin is considered as toxic for poultry animal, but the threat is not that big for catfish. Still it should be use in careful manner in order to maintain the health of the catfish.
3.      Availability of ingredient in the market
Some concern that you may have is the availability of the ingredient that you want to use. The reason is because some of the ingredient that you want to uses might not available locally in the market. But then you may also able to purchase the ingredient that you need from different source. However, you should also think about the cost that you need to spend to purchase the ingredient from different source which may increase the overall production cost of your farm. To cope with this problem, you can also exchange the ingredient used on the catfish feed composition into other ingredient which available locally in the market with cheaper price.
4.      Feed taste
When creating the catfish feed, you should also consider about the taste of the feed since the catfish have their own preference when it comes to the things that they eat. This taste will also affected by the ingredient used to make the feed. That is why you should choose catfish feed composition with ingredient which the fish will want to eat.
5.      Benefits vs. cost
Another thing to consider when making the composition on the catfish feed that you will make is the benefits that you will get from each ingredient to the cost that you need to spend to get that ingredient. You may have to choose ingredient that has less benefit but also cost less which means more profit for your farm.
6.      Technology and process
You may need to have specific technology to be able to process the ingredient used to make the catfish feed. Another thing to consider is the process which may eliminate some nutrient inside the ingredient which makes the ingredient become useless. Thus that kind of ingredient may not be good to be used inside the catfish feed.
You may also need to change the catfish feed composition which will suit the catfish need better. Catfish feed ingredient may also be exchange into other ingredient based on the ingredient availability.

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